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The Basics of Ran

Andrea M. B.
22 March
I'm new to California and happy being here with my handsome hubby. We just got married last April (2006) in Minneapolis, which I missmissmiss. What else? I grew up in Minnesota: first in Hopkins, then I moved to Long Lake, then I moved back to Hopkins. Some of my closest friends are still people I knew in high school. I went to college at Northwestern and got most of three degrees done in five years. I studied English with an emphasis in writing, Social Science with an emphasis in Criminal Justice, and Bible.

My two babies are two cats named Miercoles and Elliott (who is named after Elliott Smith...a marvelous musician, may he rest in peace).

My friend, Al, recently moved to almost-by-me, California, and that's superbly grand. He's a pal I met during sophomore year of high school. He's crazy. The good kind o' crazy.

What else? I have a younger brother named Luke who's part o' the Air Force.

Weird works for me! Quirks and vonderbar.

I'm also close with my mom- who is very quirky. My amazing family o' inlaws are mostly in Wisconsin and Tejas. I miss my splendid mid-west people. Let's all unite and bombard the Bay Area with our presence!! Join me!

Anyway, I don't like violence, screaming, blood or vomit, animal cruelty, or milk. I also dislike stereotypes, didactic speeches, feeling panic, faint or hypoglycemic, disease, artificial people, watching the news (most days) instead of reading the news, commercialism, dogma, cold, cliches.

I like random, so here's some random good: tea, animals, sunshine with rain, light, paint, art, live music in open spaces, being barefoot, grass I can walk on, trees, books, farmers' markets, flea markets, chocolate (especially dark or mostly bittersweet), quirkiness, adventure, voices and eyebrows, distinctiveness, baths, languages, roots and gardens, grace, uniqueness, rocks, the ocean, the smell of water and calendula, robotic movements, old buildings and churches.
cats, chiropractic/alternative health stuff, church, literature, pals., pirates, poetry, pulitzer prize stuff, tea